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Their deductibles will increase, too, from $1,000 per person to $1,500 per person, which will raise their out of pocket costs when they use health care in 2015. John Phillips, 43, owns an auto repair shop. His wife is a day care teacher. “I looked at some other plans,” Phillips said. “I stuck with the company I knew had paid the bills before without argument. ” In the eastern Illinois community of Paris, 59 year old Starla Redmon wants to shop around.

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Rabang is currently living in Taguig City but originally from Umingan, Pangasinan. Hebecame interested in architecture and engineering back when he was 8, while watching his father who is aCivil Engineer drawing, computing and designing structure. He appreciates it more when his father oncetook him into a construction site. Now, he is a Senior Student of B. S. Architecture in Mapua Institute ofTechnology and is hoping to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in 2012. He excels in architectural design, building technology, and manual drafting subjects. He believes that “ang arkitektura ay ang siyang sumasalamin at ang siyang bubuo sa katauhan ng ating kultura, kasaysayan at kasalukuyang lipunan. Ito’y kusang sumisibol, katulad ng hangin, huni ng ibon at liwanag. Ito’y kusang nagbabago, ngunit kailanma’y hindi m a w a w a l a . ”7 Research Methodology 171.